How to Cope with Group Projects

December 28, 2017

Personally for me, group projects at college are a real curse. Let’s be frank: they are time-consuming inefficient, and inconvenient for many. Just imagine how much time it takes to arrange the meeting for a group of student and choose the time that is suitable for all. It sometimes seems to me that professors assign group projects in orde...

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Choosing a College (Part 2)

November 30, 2017

In this article, we continue discussing the main questions you should find answers to before deciding on a specific college. So, here we go: Part IV: The Main Aspects of Life on Campus Campus life is really versatile. Regarding this area, you will have more questions in your mind that you could ever imagine. Each of them shou...

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Choosing a College (Part 1)

November 16, 2017

Actually, almost everyone faces a period in life when it is time to make serious decisions that can sometimes be life-defining. College selection is one of such decisions actually. There are numerous things to take into account before deciding which college to enter. Different students have different preferences, however, there are some decisive...

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Getting a PhD Degree: Pros and Cons

October 26, 2017

Getting a PhD degree is a complicated process. One may encounter considerable difficulties when working towards the set goal. Therefore, think carefully before beginning the very process. Consider the following facts before making a final decision: Why do you need a PhD degree? You need to clearly state why you intend to get a ...

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Master and PhD Degrees: which Option to Choose

October 19, 2017

Are you thinking about continuing your studies after getting an undergraduate degree? If the answer is affirmative, you might want to know what the dissimilarity between the Master’s and PhD degrees is. There are many factors that influence students’ decision about starting their graduate stud...

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Ten Great Tips for Successfully Defending Your Dissertation

September 21, 2017

Perhaps this article’s title ought to be changed so that it reads “How to survive a dissertation defense” since all of these projects differ from one to another. Additionally, dissertation committees differ from one to the next and, consequently, every defense meeting is unique and different. The tips provide...

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