What is Postgraduate Diploma

March 20, 2018

Many people after getting higher education often think about postgraduate courses. This is a unique opportunity to master new profession and to do what you have dreamed but could not start. Some people decide to get one more specialty for the sake of work that is more prestigious and career perspectives; some students want to learn something new...

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A Few Fascinating Podcasts to Listen to

February 20, 2018

Everyone would agree that there many people who are interested in listening to different podcasts since they can definitely improve their life. Why not devote some of your time to a make me smarter podcast? It’s a well-known fact that on the Internet it is so easy to find best podcasts to listen to. The following several podcasts a...

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What is the Theoretical Framework of Dissertation

February 06, 2018

Students who do not know how to write a theoretical part of a work and consequently do a lot of errors in writing can easily cope with this task as soon as they understand the meaning and the way of creating the theoretical framework of the dissertation. This type of text should include the following points: detailed study of the ...

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Survival Guide for Engineering Students

January 22, 2018

Currently, I am a student at a liberal arts college in Lewiston and I’m transferring to Iowa where I’ll be studying computer engineering. Up until now, I did not think that it would be that difficult. Anyways, I want to finish all my general courses before transferring. I have no idea how to study for engineering first year i...

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How to Land a Perfect Internship

January 05, 2018

An internship is an inevitable part of the undergraduate program. Every student goes through it. The internship is a great opportunity to dive into your field and learn the working process from the inside. However, how to get the internship you want?  The answer is in our ultimate guide to landing your perfect internship. Dream Int...

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How to Cope with Group Projects

December 28, 2017

Personally for me, group projects at college are a real curse. Let’s be frank: they are time-consuming inefficient, and inconvenient for many. Just imagine how much time it takes to arrange the meeting for a group of student and choose the time that is suitable for all. It sometimes seems to me that professors assign group projects in orde...

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