Tips for Getting a Doctorate Degree in Theology

June 23, 2017

Essentially, theology involves the study of the concept of religion. A theologian is someone who systematically researches, analyzes and discusses a range of philosophical, historical, and spiritual texts. It is the job of those who have acquired expertise in theology to develop and advance our understanding and knowledge of religion, to test va...

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How to Conduct Academic Research

June 21, 2017

Q&A Students and teachers in all colleges and universities around the world keep struggling to conduct a thorough and critical analysis of various academic problems. In fact, conducting academic research is one of the major difficulties a student may face in university. Just imagine that you need to analyze your issue, gather infor...

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General Rules on How to Cite a Graph in a Paper

June 16, 2017

When producing academic papers, it is sometimes necessary to depict something on a graph. Therefore, you can present any graph in your work, but do not forget to make a reference to the source it is taken from. In order to indicate the used source, make a citation below the illustrated graph. Depending on the formatting style, organize your cita...

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Structure and Design of a Network

June 09, 2017

Paper Title: Network Structure and Design – When an organization wants to implement a network, it is necessary to consider a number of design factors before going ahead. First of all, the organization’s network requirements need to be defined in a very clear manner and every required network component must be identified. The followin...

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Application for Ph.D. in the US

June 02, 2017

Application for Ph.D. in the US: Tips for International Students Not many people have guts to apply for a Ph.D. simply because obtaining this degree requires a great amount of time, stamina, and determination. Yet, there are many of those you dare to face this challenge and eventually never regr...

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