Augmented and Virtual Reality in Tourism and Hospitality

September 28, 2017

What It Really Means Virtual reality was created as an alternative to the objective reality in which we are bound to live. Today, the term "virtual reality" has become commonplace. It is used to determine a whole variety of technologies and applications, which create a sense of being in a real world. It can be used as a game, or it can...

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Ten Great Tips for Successfully Defending Your Dissertation

September 21, 2017

Perhaps this article’s title ought to be changed so that it reads “How to survive a dissertation defense” since all of these projects differ from one to another. Additionally, dissertation committees differ from one to the next and, consequently, every defense meeting is unique and different. The tips provide...

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Selecting Proper Dissertation Topic

September 15, 2017

When deciding whether to write a dissertation or not, it might seem that it is the most difficult choice of one’s life. However, those who dared to become a real researcher know that the biggest challenge of choice is yet to come. Selecting an appropriate topic is what indeed complicated. It should be in line with his/her qualifications an...

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Select among the following Dissertation Topics on Risk Management

September 07, 2017

We are happy to help you with dissertation topics on risk management. Our guide provides topics in CSR, supply chain management, social risks, and of course financial industry. Hope it will be useful for you.   RM and CSR Provide an explanation of the activities performed by corporate social responsibility to manage t...

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Structure and Aim of a Separate Advisory Report

August 31, 2017

Some dissertations provide a separate advisory report that is designed for a specific organization or a company that is willing to act on the author’s advice. As a rule, an advisory report focuses on opinions supported by evidence and some concrete proof. Thus, the purpose of the report is more substantial rather than merely provid...

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Interactive Dissertation Timeline Usage

August 24, 2017

Interactive Dissertation Timeline is a tool that makes dissertation writing an easy task to do. It has been developed based on the experience in the writing field and on helping PhD candidates with their work. However, the timeline is only an approximate estimation of time that needs to be used for every writing phase. You are free to make chang...

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