8 Best Working-from-Home Jobs for Earning Money Remotely

Posted date: July 09, 2018

Present highly digital time is the best time to earn money not leaving your home. Modern “from-home” jobs are wonderful work alternatives. They best fit for those who struggle for security, who have some health problems, or who need to take care for the loved ones, or just cannot stand even a thought of getting to the workplace daily. In fact, over 40 million American people work from home. Moreover, with such a rapid economic development, more and more companies will need some extra staff for distance work. In order to telecommute, only a computer, Internet connection, some elementary skills, and positive working attitude are needed.

1. Job of an Airbnb Host

You can get on average $924 a month. The job is perfect for those who have some space, who enjoy meeting strangers, and who know nice spots in town.

It presupposes that you allow vacationers in your area to book your house. If it is kept neatly and you enjoy hosting, you can think of putting one of your guest rooms (or even the whole house) up on one of the following sites: VRBO, HomeAway or Airbnb.

2. Job of a Petsitter

You can earn about $1,000 a month if you love dogs.
You can get paid for mere watching other people’s pup! The job is not that hard as babysitting. Pet sitting, on the contrary, can even have a therapeutic effect on you if dog owners live somewhere in the outskirts of your town. You also have a chance to set your prices and pick who will come to whose house.
To start a pet sitter career, sign up at Wag, Rover or DogVacay.

3. Job of a Virtual Assistant

You get from $10 to $15 per hour. If you are well-organized and able to multitask, the job is for you!
In order to save employment expenses, some companies hire assistants virtually. You task is to perform all typical office responsibilities staying at home. You will need to reply to emails, enter data, assist with social media, and manage appointments.
To become a virtual assistant, you can start with PeoplePerHour.com, FlexJobs.com, and Upwork.com.

4. Job of a Transcriptionist

Get over $25 an hour if you are looking for a flexible job without any prior experience.
When you transcript, it means that you first listen to an audio file and then type out what you have heard. Many enterprises hiring transcriptionists don’t need extremely experienced professionals. Having a computer and a keyboard can be sufficient for the job.
You can begin your career of a transcriptionist on such sites as Quicktate.com, TranscribeMe.com, and TranscribeAnywhere.com.

5. Job of a Survey Taker

Earn from $1 to $50 for a survey. This job best suits for strong-willed people.
You might hold an opinion inquiry by answering different questions on shopping habits or doing a product review.
To start working as a survey taker, you need to visit RealWaystoEarnMoneyOnline.com, PineconeResearch.com, PaidViewpoint.com., or DarwinsData.com companies.

6. Job of a Website Tester

This job is a perfect option for meticulous web-surfers.
A big number of companies are willing to pay online testers for making sure their websites are easy to browse. Thus, your task is to follow the given instructions and check out a certain website. Some people get for this from $100 to $200 per month.
You can start with such sites as Userlytics.com and YouEye.com.

7. Job of a Vlogger (Film and Post Videos)

Make from $1 to $2 for 1,000 hits; your salary depends on the number of your video viewers. This job is a golden opportunity for self-made and innovative individuals.
Has anyone ever asked you to share a recipe of your apple pie or how you make your flower wreaths? People always know how to do original things and have many hobbies, which can be pretty profitable. Thus, you can just create a YouTube account and use a camera to record all your explanations and demonstration of how you do this or that. After shooting a video with your mobile phone, you need to just open the YouTube app and hit “send.” But if you use your computer to upload a file, just visit YouTube, and then click the “upload” option.

8. Job of a Corporate English Trainer

Earn about $15 per hour. If you are a Native English speaker, know some basic computer skills, are interested in foreign cultures, and love communicating online, this job is certainly for you. Working from the office can be a pretty valuable and helpful experience, as many students start their careers by working in corporate environments. Though, you will also have to use your own computer and have a good Internet service. A big advantage is when you can speak more than one language.
Many students from such countries as France, Germany, Korea, and Japan are constantly searching for English speakers to master the language. Numerous sessions are focused on such things as how to make up a small professional talk or how to run a meeting (trainers-to-be are given clear specifications on the ways of teaching topics and pass some training themselves for a couple of days before they start their jobs). Such lessons can be held via phone or some live video services like Skype on the Internet. However, they often are held during the night due to the difference in time zones.

To start as an English Trainer, you can go to GoFluent.com or iSpeakUSpeak.com, which are considered the biggest English training companies, which work with over 12 largest corporations in the world.