A Few Fascinating Podcasts to Listen to

Posted date: February 20, 2018

Everyone would agree that there many people who are interested in listening to different podcasts since they can definitely improve their life. Why not devote some of your time to a make me smarter podcast? It’s a well-known fact that on the Internet it is so easy to find best podcasts to listen to.

The following several podcasts are believed to be best podcasts to make you think. What is more, these are the podcasts that teach you something, as well as podcasts that will change your life.

Get to Know the First Smart People Podcast

  • Hardcore History

This podcast might be basically compared to a show the main goal of which is to provide answers for such questions like, “What are the peculiarities of Apaches that would use modern weapons?” and, “Was Alexander the Great as violent as Adolf Hitler?”

At first, it may probably seem to you as if Dan Carlin talks nonsense, but in a little time, you will be undoubtedly absorbed in a certain topic. It should be mentioned that he offers detailed rundowns regarding historic moments that were of the great significance. As a matter of fact, Carlin assists you in refreshing your memory on lots of topics you didn’t pay attention to in Social Studies class. Apart from that, he can inspire everyone, so that they want to learn more about these topics, too.

  • Stuff You Should Know

This podcast is conducted by two guys who are trying to explore some interesting stuff you’d better know about. Their topics vary from water slides to marijuana.

It’s a common knowledge that the world suggests a great number of topics that constantly influence our life, and it doesn’t matter whether we have understanding of them or not at all. As a result, this podcast was created in order to help us delve deeper into the issues that were not discussed at school.

  • Fareed Zakaria GPS

This podcast is aimed at various foreign affairs, global policies. In fact, a comprehensive look at such topics is realized thanks to one-to-one interviews, amazing roundtable discussions.

We have never been so connected as now. It is so necessary to be aware of  the events that are happening right now. This requires keeping yourself knowledgeable concerning events that are occurring not only in your country, but far away from you, too. Frankly speaking, Fareed Zakaria’s podcast gives you a perfect chance to take advantage of listening to a thorough rundown with regards to what’s new and great in the world and why it is essential.

  • How To Do Everything

This show is full of relevant pieces of advice and survival guides. They provide necessary answers for questions on how to find water in the desert, or even how to find a date, etc.

As soon as you begin to listen to this podcast, you will indubitably understand how little you know in comparison with what you ought to know. However, it’s not said to criticize you, rather inform you that it would be really wonderful to dedicate some of your time to an insight into the outer world we live in. Even though the topics may appear random, but you’ll quickly start to see that they can be very useful when the appropriate opportunity arises.

  • The Tim Ferriss Show

While listening to this podcast, you will get acquainted with tools, tricks, and tactics that could be used to improve your life and make it better. Tim Ferriss has become an author of a workweek that lasts only for 4 hours. Thus, he knows how to teach his audience to optimize their productivity, get rid of a lifestyle that requires too much energy and leaves almost nothing for relaxation and pleasure. Because of engrossing interviews that involve interesting people from meditation gurus to tech geeks, this podcast is surely helpful. It is designed to make lives of the listeners better.