How to Cope with Group Projects

Posted date: December 28, 2017

Personally for me, group projects at college are a real curse. Let’s be frank: they are time-consuming inefficient, and inconvenient for many. Just imagine how much time it takes to arrange the meeting for a group of student and choose the time that is suitable for all. It sometimes seems to me that professors assign group projects in order not to spend time on assessing separate papers. Actually, professors can well be understood.

However, one of the worst things about group projects is grading: your mark can suffer because of some other student’s inability to provide his/ her part of the task properly. Such disadvantages have made me do some research on how students can improve their efficiency and performance in group projects.

A Set of Tips, which Ease Your Task as Well

#1. Use Google Drive to store your group projects

Google Drive is a real savior when it comes to storing different parts and versions of your project. When you email each other with those endless emails entitled “draft 1,” “draft 2,” “draft 15,” it gets not only annoying but also confusing.

#2. Try to work with those students you can rely on

Fight for brainy group members (well, unless the groups are not randomly formed by your professor). Try to work together on the project with students with whom you communicate more closely and who you can rely on. At least make sure that students from your group have approximately the save average score as you do. Do not choose those ones who fall behind the rest of the class.

#3. Be careful with deadlines for your projects

If you are working with some unknown students, make sure you take responsibility for the deadlines. If you are not on good terms with them, you cannot really monitor whether they are doing their work. So, give them deadlines for each specific task. You may even use the calendar option in Google in case some of them are forgetful.

#4. Make these deadlines tighter than in reality

If your group project plays a decisive role in what your final grade will be before the exam, make sure all of the tasks are fulfilled with due responsibility. If there are members in your group that are not punctual or responsible enough, give them shorter deadlines. Even if they do not submit their part of the assignment on time, they will still have some extra time. Be prepared in case something goes wrong.

#5. Delegate parts of the assignment according to the students’ strengths

Delegate project tasks to your group mates according to their talents, abilities, strengths, and preferences. If everyone does what he/ she is good at, the job will be done more efficiently and the results will be better.

#6. Choose specific time during the week that you will devote to the project

Work on the group project is quite serious; therefore, make sure you have sufficient time to do it. Set a specific time during the week when all of you will gather together (as for the class).

#7. Make sure you have a project editor

It is preferable to choose one person from the group to work as an editor of your project. He/ she should review the content each one is providing and also pay attention to the formatting, organization and writing skills.