How to Land a Perfect Internship

How to Land a Perfect Internship
4 August, 2020

An internship is an inevitable part of the undergraduate program. Every student goes through it. The internship is a great opportunity to dive into your field and learn the working process from the inside. However, how to get the internship you want?  The answer is in our ultimate guide to landing your perfect internship.

Dream Internship: a Step-by-Step Guide

Define your perfect internship

Before you even look for the internship offers, you need to complete the preparation part. It starts with answering a couple of questions concerning what kind of internship you want. Ask yourself what you expect from the internship. What field would you like to work in? What tasks would you like to accomplish? When you get the idea (the purpose) of the following experience, you can take the second step.

Create a powerful CV

CV or resume is vital in your career path at any stage. The sooner you master the craft of writing influential resumes, the better your chances to get the position are. Anyway, start with the CV requirements. Remember, you must not exceed 2 pages. Take in personal information, education, skills and job experience. Don’t forget to add volunteer projects and extra activities that may benefit to your candidacy. Omit experiences and skill that are not relevant to the position. In such a way, you adapt your resume to the hiring company.

Search for the opportunities

This is the part when you become a private investigator. Look for the opportunities to find your dream internship through the Internet, friends, relatives, professors, career centers, etc. Networking is the key to your success. Let your people know you are looking for the internship and you’ll be surprised to receive unexpected solutions.

Learn the application procedure peculiarities

Applying for the internship may be different in each company. Thus, learn in advance what exactly they expect from their future intern. No matter whether you’re applying online or in person, don’t forget to contact the responsible HR via email and attach a PDF copy of your CV. Another important thing to learn is to follow up after 5-7 working days to make sure the person has read your email.

Get ready for the interviews

Interviews may appear the scariest part of the process. Yet, they are another craft you need to master for the future career. The best way to learn how to go through the interviews is the real-life practice. While you are worrying about how to make a good first impression, realize this: if you have received the interview invitation, this means the company is already interested in your candidacy. Just keep calm and be yourself. You can’t get ready for every question in the world.

Land the internship

It’s your final step! Once you’ve been offered a position or maybe a couple of them, it’s time to land your dream internship. Even if it takes longer to commute, but you want that internship, take the offer!

Additional tips:

  • Start searching for the internship in advance. Sometimes, it takes more than a week to find a perfect one.
  • Don’t lie in the interviews; being honest is a better decision.
  • Try again if you fail. Practice is the key to success.