Improving Chances For Employment

Posted date: November 23, 2017

If you still think that a degree will earn you a successful employment, you are looking at the world through pink glasses. A diploma per se does not guarantee anything. Of course, before applying for a position, you have to polish your resume and mention your best qualities, but modern employers are looking for particular intangibles. They include the ability to adjust to the fast-changing working environment and withstand fierce competition. If you want to become a desirable asset for any company, make sure the following skills are shining through your resume.

Intrinsic Motivation

While it is relatively easy to find an employee who can do his/her job, finding a person who wants to do their job is a true challenge. No wonder a strong self-motivation appears on the job listing so often. Although you must be expecting your company to provide you with the favorable working environment, like that of Google or Facebook, an employer won’t want you in their team if you cannot be self-motivated.

Openness to Innovation

Competition is extremely fierce virtually in every business sphere. Therefore, modern companies need people with innovative minds, meaning those who are open to innovations and can come up with ingenious solutions themselves. Apart from that, original thinking is a sign of dedication and motivation. If you do not know how to think outside the box, take some creativity classes. Otherwise, do not dream of successful employment in a leading company.  


Companies that do not evolve will not withstand competition in the market, so be prepared to non-stop changes. If you are seeking employment in a successful company, you have to be able to adapt to changes. Fast. The purpose of any change is to improve productivity and generate higher profits, and you, as a potential employee, have to help your employer do this.


Procrastination is your worst enemy if you want to work for a successful company because what they look for nowadays is maximum efficiency. While getting ready for a job interview at your dream company, think about your answer to questions like “How do you prioritize your daily activities?” Questions like this one help the interviewer understand if you are capable of using your time efficiently. If you can complete more tasks during a day, you can help the company be more lucrative.

Ability to Solve Problems

In high school, most of us hated those critical thinking tasks. Moreover, some tried to skip them and that is non-productive and harmful since they were created to help us find solutions to problems fast and effectively. Leading companies love candidates who demonstrate outstanding analytical skills and can look at a situation from different perspectives. As an employee, you will have to make decisions at every point of your career. The people who are able to think deeper and find an effective solution faster usually become team leaders and get promoted. If this is what you want, show a hiring manager that you have strong analytical skills.

Some additional skills that might put you one (or more) step ahead of your competitors include tech savvy, ability to work in a team, strong communication skills, and leadership potential. If you think that you do not possess some of these skills, do not worry! As long as you have a desire to grow and develop, you can acquire the necessary skills and become a dream candidate of any employer.