Dissertation Ideas on International Development

Posted date: August 03, 2017

 This article is considered to be a source of inspiration for writing a dissertation on international development. It depicts the situation related to the problems of investment in post-colonial Africa, and includes the HIV/AIDs problems presented in this region.

The study of the service delivery decline on post-colonial African countries

  • The issue of the general service delivery decline will be studied on the basis of post-colonial African territories.
  • The most striking example is the political and economic situation of the South African region, where service delivery strikes significantly damage the economy.
  • The researcher may consider the features of post-colonial regime, the decline in public sector, and a struggle to meet the economic increase of demands in a global economy.

Preventing the resource curse. Uganda case study

  • The resource curse refers to the assumption that the exuberance of natural resources and their extraction particularly in developing countries may lead to violent actions and economic decline.
  • In 2006, when oil was discovered in Uganda, there was a significant revival of the country economy due to the massive investments.
  • The researcher may consider the opportunities for further development of Uganda that prevent the resource curse.  Nigeria may be taken as an example in this case.

The HIV/AIDS influence on the economy of the continent

  • While the problems of HIV/AIDS are counted out in modern Western culture, they are disastrous reality for African continent. They do not only refer to social issues, but they pose a significant threat to the economic development of the countries.
  • The problem arises since African citizens expect the great responsibility of the government to provide them with economic support. It relates to the people infected by the virus, orphaned children, water and sanitation systems, access to ARV, provision for ill labor force, improved public healthcare, education on disease prevention, etc.
  • This problem affects economy in two ways. First, it requires substantial expenditure on a social sector. Second, it requires enlarging the workforce with a proper medical background and access to necessary facilities.
  • The researcher may study the problem and find the ways to mitigate its negative effects.

Funds invested in developing countries – a threat of power abuse and duty dereliction

  • The investment of foreign multinational companies in developing countries is often expected by the locals to be a way of creating special infrastructure because of the exploitation of natural resources. However, it is a prior responsibility of the government.  The latter has to cater for its citizens providing workplaces, building schools and medical establishments, etc.
  • One may consider Nigeria as an example. The country totally relies on foreign investors (especially oil companies) to care for the major amount of national exports and involve into social welfare mechanisms.
  • The research on this topic will define the relationship between the governments of the African countries and the foreign enterprises. It mainly refers to the power abuse by the MNEs (considering improper political impact caused by the state reliance on the foreign investors) and the duty dereliction by the state (when relying on the foreign companies involvement, government neglects its duties to improve infrastructure and provide necessary support on the social level). 

Moreover, one should pay attention to the WTO, the ILO, and the UNGG as these organizations play significant role in the abovementioned relationship. They advocate open markets and worldwide economic standards. However, the question is whether they enforce this relationship or try to bestow the government with total autonomy?