Psychological Comfort At The Workplace

Posted date: August 13, 2018

The problem of harassment in the workplace is relevant even in a modern, democratic society. More often defenseless young women become objects of desires of people with the perverted imagination. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to talk about your problems with other people. Here is the story of a girl, who has suffered moral pressure and harassment for several years.

Search for Work

The main character of this story (let us call her Kate) was a high school student when she decided to find a job. The girl from an early age wanted to be independent and being a schoolgirl, constantly looked for earnings. This time, she found a pretty good option. She got a job in a religious volunteer organization that helped people, who had lost their homes. The girl liked such responsibilities. Young people are often inspired by good deeds, and combining professional activity and charity is the best option for the career and the personal growth.

Financial Aspect

Kate had to sort things, and then they were given to the needy. The work seemed very easy. In addition, the salary was quite high ($ 8 per hour), while most teenagers earned an average of $ 6-7 per hour. However, this work became rather boring. Nevertheless, at that time, it was the only suitable option that allowed to combine work and study. Having saved up own money, the schoolgirl could get into college and continue to receive education, paying it independently. Becoming a college student, she needed more money since it was necessary to pay for housing, food, and textbooks, so she stayed on this job, which brought a not very large but stable income.

Relationship With The Staff

As already mentioned earlier, Kate did not really like her work. In addition to the fact, that she had to perform monotonous actions every day, she did not appreciate her colleagues. The company was run by a married couple. All organizational matters were taken care of by the wife; however, in fact, she did not do anything but only sat for hours on the Internet in search of a new resort for relaxing. Her husband was not very happy with such an attitude to work, so they often made scandals in the presence of subordinates. These situations adversely affected Kate, who was overloaded with work and study, and as a result, she often received the emotional stress.

In addition, this organization had no young employees, and Kate felt very lonely. All workers were about 50-60 years old, and there was no one with whom the girl could find common topics for conversation among them. However, all employees treated each other with respect and no one hurt her, until one day when a new colleague appeared in the company.

Strange Compliments and Harassment

The organization had a new employee; he was no different from other workers, it was the same 60-year-old man. However, he began to show a strange interest in Kate soon. He began to communicate with her, to compliment and invite her to his home. The girl was very frightened, but others did not notice anything. She knew that the management of the company was interested only in their personal lives and hardly anyone would protect it. Therefore, she decided not to tell anyone about her fears. Colleagues did not notice anything strange in the actions of that man. Once, he even tried to kiss the girl on the cheek in the eyes of other workers, but everyone considered this a joke. Another strange case happened when Kate used the spray tan, the man crept up to her and said that she had beautiful tanned legs. After that, a colleague called the girl to his house, to swim in the pool with friends, and it was very suspicious. After that, Kate decided not to show her sexuality. She started wearing baggy clothes and not doing makeup. However, compliments and ambiguous suggestions continued. Then one day, the girl got up enough courage and left this job. She stayed here for nine years, received a small salary and tolerated harassment of her colleague.

New Work

After the dismissal, Kate needed money, so she found a new job and became the operator of the call center. Of course, this work cannot bring much profit too, and it takes away all of her free time. However, the girl feels much better. She ceased to be afraid that somebody could hurt her. Now she has young colleagues with whom she can make friends and communicate, the company's management is engaged in work and takes care of their subordinates. Of course, Katie's career is just beginning; however, this is a huge step in her life. She could leave a horrible place of work after nine years and find the strength to start over.

If you feel uncomfortable in your workplace, you are offended or threatened; the management does not fulfill its responsibilities to ensure proper working conditions, you need to talk about your problems to other people and look for a new job. Do not be afraid to take the first step on the path to life changes. Many organizations can help you in case of problems; do not hesitate to ask for help. Remember, any person, regardless of his or her position, is worthy to have a decent work. Respect yourself and show an example to other people that you cannot remain silent in such situations.