Suggestions on Public Speaking

Posted date: November 09, 2017

It’s no secret that there are many people who find it rather difficult to participate in class or make a wonderful presentation in front of their employers. Nevertheless, public speaking wasn’t supposed to be a terrifying experience. In the next paragraphs of this article you will definitely get acquainted with the most effective tricks concerning easing symptoms with regard to the stage fright.

It has been already mentioned that acquiring good speaking skills means that you as a professional or student can take advantage of opening new doors on the way to achievement and recognition.

I have lectured my students for many years in the classroom and spent lots of hours conducting various interviews as a journalist. Moreover, quite early I have understood two important things about myself: 1) It wasn’t frightening for me to deliver a speech, make a presentation, or even just address to my academic audiences every day, but as soon as I needed to speak in front of an audience I wasn’t familiar with, I got anxious. 2) Even the best performers sometimes need to deal with such issue as stage fright.

I used to interview headliners in the ready room since they had to venture onto the stage. To tell you the truth, I saw many jitters. As a matter of fact, before they dared to go on stage, they couldn’t get rid of panic, cold sweats, headaches, and nausea.

  • Accepting the symptoms

You should know that the symptoms regarding stage fright are proved to be common taking into consideration the fact that almost all people need to cope with them. Frankly speaking, even the amount of experience you have acquired as a public speaker doesn’t matter because all of us go through stage fright at this or that point. Thus, there are public speakers who either never get over it or try to learn the ways of ignoring it.

What to do if you have fear of speaking?

Actually, breathing can help you stimulate the calming process. Begin with finding a comfortable position. After that you ought to center your posture. The next step would be moving your body from side to side, then shrugging your shoulders, turning your neck and head from left to right.

Another good recommendation is taking slow and deep breaths through your nostrils, filling the lungs to their capacity.

Make an attempt to do this exercise a few times. Consequently, you will become less tense. Apart from that, the burst of oxygen will help your nervous system and brain regain control.

In spite of the fact that you cannot simply stop your speech in order to do this breathing exercise one more time, you can at least center your body. In addition, doing several subtle exercises is also one of the greatest ideas since your audience will not even notice them.