Dissertation Topics on Telecoms and Maritime Security

Posted date: July 27, 2017

  1. Could the WTO aim of open access to the market in the developing countries result in a global boom in the telecoms industry?This topic is a broad one. You can choose a particular Gulf country and use it as a case study. Fast development of FDI has been observed in all Gulf countries. That is why it is easy to research this topic.
  2. Is it right to state that the telecoms industry plays the main role in the economic growth in all developing countries? Discuss this topic presenting opposing arguments.
  3. Think about the telecommunications use as a way of resistance to companies that use broadband and phones in order to track the interests and actions of all people. After the phone hacking scandal, people stopped to trust such services and try to resist such type of monitoring. In addition, such monitoring violates people and organizations’ right to privacy. However, the technology and software used for monitoring is still being manufactured and sold. Discuss whether such companies should bare social responsibility for manufacturing and distributing such technology. Do we need to regulate the telecoms sector in order to stop the privacy abuse?
  4. Current problems in maritime security. For example, you may discuss the main problem of maritime security is the field isolation. Was the technology developed in order to mitigate this type of isolation?
  5. Can maritime security strategies help in resolving the privacy situation on the Somalia coast? Is it possible to prevent ransom and privacy issues of marine vessels using the security strategies or it is just a case of avoiding particular routes of trade?