How Television Media Advertising Impacts Consumer Buying Behavior

Posted date: July 20, 2017

Dissertation Title:  How Television Media Advertising Impacts Consumer Buying Behavior. Every small advertisement is crucial in altering consumer behavior regarding the product or service they promote. Recently, researchers have noticed the significant increase in commercials per brand. It means that people would rather purchase the products of a particular brand simply following the advertisement. It is a well-known fact that commercials often beautify a service or product attributing it some special features that it may lack. This work is to identify the way advertisements influence consumer behavior and opinion.

Television Media Advertising Dissertation

In order to acquire data, a researcher employed survey Research Design. This method of collecting necessary data is popular considering the simple way of conducting a Questionnaire to ask people’s opinion. In addition, Stratified Sampling Method was utilized to obtain the sample size of the study which is 250. After finishing the study, collected data were analyzed, tested, and interpreted with the help of a table presenting a percentage frequency. For example, the researcher analyzed the collected data in tables and simple percentage, but they tested the hypotheses utilizing the chi square technique. They critically tested the hypotheses in order to prove the authenticity of respondents’ replies to the survey questions.

In the final analysis, the researcher made an attempt to summarize the tested research hypotheses and made two important conclusions. In the result of the study, it was discovered that television commercials mould a positive consumer’s opinion about a product. However, advertising is costly tool, its effects are not always predictable, and it often takes a long time to directly impact consumers’ buying behavior. Thereby, many companies consider it appropriate to intermittently decrease the advertising expenditure or even reduce it. However, some other manufacturers find it unnecessary to advertise their products if the latter already enjoy great popularity among buyers. Such attitude does not reflect the idea that advertising primarily focuses on a future investment and not a current expanse.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To study the influence of television commercials on the consumer segment
  • To analyze the effects of television advertisements on the consumer buying segment
  • To identify factors impacting the consumer purchasing process due to television advertisements