Select among the following Dissertation Topics on Risk Management

Posted date: September 07, 2017

We are happy to help you with dissertation topics on risk management. Our guide provides topics in CSR, supply chain management, social risks, and of course financial industry. Hope it will be useful for you.  

RM and CSR

Provide an explanation of the activities performed by corporate social responsibility to manage the risks. Explain how such activities impact the value of shareholders.

  • There is a connection of theoretical nature between the value of shareholders and activities of CSR.
  • Here you can provide a discussion related to the financial value of the activities.
  • Technical CSR versus institutional CSR can be discussed as well.

Supply Chain Management

Have current trends observed in supply chain management influenced the development of risk management strategies?

  • This topic is important because of modern industry trends in place: increased outsourcing strategies among numerous organizations, markets globalization, increased level of reliance on different suppliers for particular innovation and capabilities, high reliance on networks of supply as well as information technologies development that helps to monitor and control the supply chains.
  • Such trends increased the levels of off-shoring and outsourcing of different manufacturing activities, LCC (low cost countries) outsourcing, as well as cooperation with extended suppliers.
  • The variety as well as extension of such supply chains to the global level may lead to the disruption of supply chain. As a result, it can have a negative effect on the companies’ financial performance. 
  • How has risk management developed in order to reduce the above-mentioned potential effects on the price of stock and value of shareholders?

SRM or Social Risk Management

Provide a discussion of social risk implications as the increasing area of concern for value of shareholders and global organizations.

  • Conduct an online research on social risk and try to organize the collected information in a structural way.

Have the strategies of risk management improved in the markets after the economic recession in 2007 and 2008? 

  • Discuss the connection between the risks related to derivative transactions and the regulation impact on decreasing the above-mentioned risks.
  • Provide a detailed discussion on how the regulations altered after the recession period. 
  • Are these changes positive?

Assess the importance of risk management in liquidity and supply of credit in the markets

  • In order to decrease the risky practice of investment, new regulations for corporations and banks require higher rates of credit supply and liquidity.
  • Such change can be observed only after detailed research of past practices.