The Dissertation Template

A dissertation patter can be found in the file titled It includes all the required material for writing a dissertation, example LaTeX code added. As to the thesis.pdf file, it provides clear guidelines on how to produce a dissertation. Moreover, it contains a good example of a written dissertation. All samples of LaTeX code are given in a few .tex files and the .bib file.

Key Elements

The rac.sty file and thesis.tex file are the chief items. The former provides up-to-date information on formatting and meets the Rackham requirements provided in 2008. Keep in mind that it does not require any changes. The latter, i.e. thesis.tex file, is the fundamental program which can be altered. Additionally, there are a few lines in the mentioned file where one can leave comments. In case you use the BibTeX to format references (as it should be when dealing with a dissertation), the References.bib file should be used as well.

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Additional Files on Style and Acronyms

If you need to add the list of acronyms to your paper, use the abbr.tex. In addition, follow the directions presented in the acronym.pdf to know how to name the very acronyms in your paper. The discussed template also includes files with useful data about formatting a bibliography in the American Geophysical Union style (agu04.bst). It also contains information about how the names of scientific journals should be abbreviated on the reference page (aas\_macros.sty). When referring to google scholar, for example, one will find examples of well-formatted BibTeX data and abbreviations of journal names.

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Useful Hints

Chapter should be separated into subfolders. Each subfolder should include the .tex file regarding each chapter and related items. As to the items, it is necessary to create a proper file name without the suffix (for example, for the item called ReportSetup.png, type includefigures\{Chap4/ReportSetup\}). The graphics program will identify the kind of file. In order to transform a thesis into the PDF format, use another format with figures, not the one called .eps. When transforming a paper into a ps format, figures have to be organized in the .ps or .eps. formats. The template includes several examples of code in the .tex file. When referring to it, it will be easier for you to begin working on your paper. There, you will also find relevant information about formatting citations, abbreviations, charts, etc. You need to compile the thesis.tex file several times to get updated data about the page numbers and references. Until you learn to do everything correctly, keep the mentioned files at hand.