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The first stage in writing an IT dissertation is selecting a topic. A student can save a considerable amount of time by proactively looking for their own topic instead of waiting for their tutor to assign one. Additionally, the student is likely to want to put more effort into exploring and researching that topic. One of the first rules of writing a dissertation is that the more focused you are in your approach the better quality the resulting paper is likely to be. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a topic you can research in a uni-directional manner.

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Why Choosing the Right IT Topic for a Dissertation Can Be Difficult

When one has a dissertation to write and it is necessary to sift through a long list of possible topics, it is entirely natural for confusion to set in. It is likely some topics will seem too dry and/or boring to you and, on occasion, some may seem beyond the scope of your capability. Attempting to write a dissertation on these types of topics is very unlikely to yield good results.  As well as this, you may encounter the following challenges:

  • The topic is just too big to cover in the time allowed.
  • The topic proves too difficult to narrow down into a more precise and manageable entity.
  • You do not start looking for a topic until it is too late.
  • You cannot be sure if your tutor or reviewers will approve a particular topic or whether they will reject it.

The best way to avoid these difficulties is to get professional advice. For example, if you come to, you will have the chance to discuss your choice of topic with our experts. Or you can ask them to choose a topic on your behalf, which you can then base your dissertation on and submit it in complete confidence.

Good Topics worth Considering for an IT Dissertation

The field of information technology is one that has many facets to investigate and explore. Accordingly, there are several sub-fields, which gives students a reasonable amount of scope to choose a topic that suits their temperament and taste. The following list is divided into a number of prominent topic areas within the IT field, and each category contains its own set of issues upon which one could write a dissertation paper:

  1. Topics on Computing

In the IT field, computing is generally a reference to making use of the software and hardware elements of computer technology to improve the quality of some type of output or work. This area is made up of a variety of applications, theoretical approaches, and implementation options, all of which contribute to the building or development of a particular technology environment. Below are some topic ideas worth exploring as suggested by the experts at

  • What technologies are available for indexing and parsing multi-media databases?
  • Looking at knowledge management in terms of IT and at inter-organizational level, what key goals do you think need to be achieved?
  • Describe what information or data retrieval systems are available for managing student records and what the role of these systems is.
  • Explore the relationship between modern and traditional marketing methods in the context of technological developments.
  • How do businesses use simulation technologies to help them make decisions?
  1. Topics Concerning Algorithm and Computer Programming

Two critical aspects of IT are algorithms and programming. As well as contributing to the general functioning of a business, a code’s strength can determine how safe a business’s systems and processes are. Consequently, this area of IT gives rise to several topic ideas, some of which are listed below:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of modular data sterilization.
  • Analyze and discuss the role of improvement modules in open web architecture.
  • The role of heuristic algorithms in computer-related theories.
  • The role of optimal algorithms with respect to cluster generation.
  • Is it really possible to compare optimal algorithms with heuristic algorithms?
  • Analyze the functions that fast algorithms can or should deliver in the development of one-way hashing systems.
  • How reliable and effective is fault-tolerant routing in terms of providing an uninterrupted work environment.
  • The role of sorting network technologies and the improvement of these based on fault-tolerant routing.
  1. Topics Concerning  IS (Information Systems)

The term “information systems” is a collective one that includes systems, networks, and people working in cohesion to ensure information is exchanged in a safe and smooth manner. IS has the role of ensuring that all the entities in the chain have the information and/or resource needed to complete the tasks and projects they have been given. The following are some possible topics for a dissertation on information systems:

  • Is e-publishing causing the demise of traditional libraries?
  • Discuss the changing nature of informational clouds and do you think the current scenario could be improved?
  • How effective and relevant are clouds in terms of exchanging information?
  • Are search engines better than full-text databases or vice versa, and why?
  • Describe the relationship between information exchange and innovations in science.
  • Explain what integrated information systems are and how these could be used in library environments.
  • Describe how marketing companies operate in the UK and the extent to which these are dependent on IS.
  • Explain how the jobs market is impacted by cyber and Internet infrastructure.
  1. Topics Concerning Mobile, Security, and Networking Technologies

IT security is one of the big issues of modern times when one considers the many threats there are. The IT expert’s role is to ensure users are kept safe when it comes to the management and exchange of knowledge, information, and data regardless of the type of environment they are using. The following are some topics related to IT security:

  • Systems for Detecting Intrusion - The relevance of these to 4G networks.
  • The current situation and future forecast for the provision of mobile data services in the UK.
  • As connectors, are routers reliable or do they provide a loophole? Carry out an analysis of Wi-Fi environments.
  • Explain how one might develop an ICT system e.g. provide an overview of possible approaches.
  • Create a roadmap for the development of a monitoring system that identifies the patterns of various types of network worms and bugs.
  • Do a comparative analysis of VoIP across Ethernet local area networks (LANs).
  • Describe one or two programmatic approaches to building security in a network.

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Don't You Know How to Choose a Dissertation Topic? Let Us Assist

If you feel depressed being unable to understand how to choose a dissertation topic, we have gathered several secrets that will make this process truly effortless. Follow our advice and make up an amazing topic that will satisfy the most demanding professor.

  1. Think about what is interesting to you.

We assure you that if you want to make your topic interesting to your target audience, you need to be interested in it as well. Think about something you are passionate about. Writing your dissertation may take up to a few months of your life. Do you want to spend these months on something boring? Probably, no. As such, we highly recommend you to dedicate enough attention to choosing the right topic. Keep in mind that your motivation is one of the most important aspects of writing a successful dissertation.

  1. Choose the topic that is different from the ones discussed previously.

If you want to impress your instructor, you need to demonstrate a non-standard approach or select the topic that is new and unknown to him/her. Choosing the topic that was picked up by many other students previously, you will find it particularly difficult to discover anything new within its scope. On the contrary, choosing the brand new topic will help you analyze it from different angles learning new information and providing your viewpoint to the audience.

  1. Try not to be too vague.

A dissertation is a particularly important academic assignment where there is no place to vague statements. As such, you need to make your topic as clear and concise as possible. Each word of your topic should be meaningful and contribute to the construction of the strong argument. Choosing the idea that is too broad, you will have to focus on many aspects, which will significantly compromise the overall quality of your dissertation.

  1. Try not to be too narrow.

While you think that your topic is good, your dissertation needs to meet the professor`s requirement in terms of word count. Focusing on the topic that is too narrow means you will have to struggle on expanding your arguments. In other words, it would be great if you choose the topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow.

  1. Research and brainstorm.

You will be surprised but researching the materials, you will find it much easier to make up your own topic. As such, it would be great if you could study the materials of other researchers as their ideas and arguments may serve as your source of inspirations. Also, when brainstorming, you can write down any topic that comes to your mind. Do not be afraid if your ideas are too shady now; later, you will be able to shape them into an amazing topic.

  1. Be objective.

Choosing the great topic, it is easy to “fall in love” with it disregarding the aspects that you find not that interesting. However, when choosing a particular topic, you need to discuss it from different angles to provide your reader with the objective information.

  1. Ask your professor for help.

If you do not know how to choose a dissertation topic, your professor may assist. Having many years of experience, he or she will provide you with many effective secrets that will facilitate the process of choosing the right topic. However, we recommend you to address your professor with the results of preliminary research as they may get angry hearing your request “Please, provide me with a good dissertation topic.

All in all, as long as you have your schedule properly organized, you will be able to reach your goals and become a skilled researcher. Hopefully, our effective secrets helped you understand how to choose a dissertation topic. Remember that practice makes perfect! Keep trying and get unbelievable success in your educational institution!


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Get in touch with our team of expert dissertation writers and ask them to help you choose ideas for your IT dissertation. Our team works hard and, if you do not think the topic you have chosen is not suitable for your expertise level, then just speak to us and our experts will provide a list of interesting ideas for you to write about. Moreover, if ever you need help with writing a dissertation, e.g., if you get stuck, you may benefit from having someone write your paper for you. This is something we can do for you. 

The Process We Use For Choosing IT Dissertation Topics

When looking for a good topic for your dissertation and, later during the writing stage, we take the factors below into account:

  • We always keep the quality of the research that is to be done in mind so that the topic we choose is both important and interesting.
  • We keep your course advisor’s recommendations in mind so that we come up with a compelling and unique topic for you.
  • We take into account any trends and/or techniques that are currently popular when choosing a topic.
  • We additionally look for topics that are likely to help you in your future career.

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