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The subject matter for scholarship essays can vary considerably from one assignment to another. However, in almost every case, an essay of this type requires the writer to relate some experience of a personal nature. The tips provided here should prove helpful for anyone who needs to write a personal essay as part of, say, a scholarship application rather than a standard academic essay.

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One of the most essential aspects of a scholarship essay is the topic or subject. Be prepared to spend one to two weeks just brainstorming to generate ideas. Indeed, this technique can often help you find a topic or subject you did not previously think of. When you start brainstorming for topic ideas, it can help to consider the points below.

  • What major achievements can you attribute to yourself, and why would you say these are your best or most important accomplishments? You need not restrict yourself to achievements you received formal recognition for. In fact, a lot of essays are made all the more interesting when they are based on achievements that may appear mundane but are critical when viewed in the context of the writer’s life.
  • Do you feel any quality, skill, or attribute distinguishes you from other candidates? How was this skill or attribute developed or acquired?
  • Did you ever experience difficulties in any part of your life? What was this difficulty and why did it occur? Did this difficulty change your outlook on life and, if so, how?
  • Think about your favorite movie, book, artwork, and so on. Has your life been influenced in any meaningful way by any of these? Why do you like them?
  • Has there ever been anything you have really struggled to achieve? Did you succeed and what contributed to your success?
  • Of all the things you could be doing in the whole world, what is the thing you would most love to be engaged in now? Questions like these can help you understand the things you most like or love.
  • Has there ever been an epiphany moment in your life, a moment when you became aware of something you had previously been oblivious to?
  • What do you consider to be the best, strongest, and most steadfast trait of your personality? Have you got any really solid beliefs or is there any philosophy you adhere to? How do you think your family and friends would describe you? What might they say if you asked them to write your application essay?
  • Are there any specific things you have done outside your classes that show you have the qualities that universities would be looking for. From these qualities, which is most important to you?
  • What community-based or extracurricular activities are the most meaningful to you? Why did you take up these projects or activities? Why do you continue to be involved in them?
  • What aspirations do you have for your future? If you have the chance to review your life in hindsight, say, thirty years from now, what factors would you like to see that you believe have made you successful? What achievements, things, and/or people do you think you need in your life? How will the scholarship you are applying for assist with your long-term plans?

Whether they buy scholarship essays or choose to write their own, applicants often find it difficult to come up with really good topics for this type of essay. The following are a few popular topic ideas for a scholarship essay:

  • The thing you are best at, your greatest success
  • Your dreams and aspirations
  • A person who really influenced your views
  • The goals you hope to achieve over the next ten years
  • Where you derive your inspiration from
  • Opportunities you have created
  • A memorable tea you have had
  • The destiny in your hands

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