How to Write a Response Essay for College

Do you know how to write a response essay for college? As the name suggests, this type of assignment requires you to read an article or short story and provide an opinion about it. Unlike many essays, you are allowed to be subjective and even refer to yourself in first-person. Ultimately, a response essay is intended to demonstrate your critical thinking skills.

Writing a Response Essay

The key to writing a proper response essay is to take the work being analyzed and apply it to your own life experiences. For instance, if the author of the work is reminiscing about their childhood memories, you might draw parallels incidences from your childhood that make it relatable. Keep in mind that while you are allowed to express your opinions, you will need to back it up with strong supporting evidence. This starts with coming up with a well-developed thesis statement and then proceeding to use statements from figures who are authorities on the subject in order to lend credence to your arguments.

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Response Essay Outline

Let us take a look at the  response paper guidelines. As with virtually every type of essay, it is important to start with an outline that contains headings (such as “Introduction”) and a brief sentence that summarizes each paragraph.

Response Essay Structure

  1. Introduction

This part of the paper introduces the topic, provides some relevant background information, and ends with a strong thesis statement that will be supported in the body section of the paper. Since this is a response paper, the thesis should be related to the way in which the writer is personally affected by the work being analyzed.

  1. Body

The body contains the arguments or points (typically three, each contained within its own paragraph) which link back to the thesis. Following each argument, the writer needs to find strong examples either from their own lives or based on research they have done. The writer can effectively express how the work relates to their own experiences through the use of metaphors, similes and onomatopoeia.

  1. Conclusion

The closing remarks briefly summarizing the main points one last time and then discuss the broader implications of the paper, such as the importance of the work that the writer was responding to.

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Response Essays Topics and Ideas

Sometimes the instructor will assign the topic or reading that the student must respond to, but it is also common for students to be given the freedom to choose so long as it is relevant to issues being discussed in class. Now that you know how to write a response essay for college, we would like to make you an offer. If you need assistance with finding a topic idea or are seeking a professional writer to complete the response paper essay for you, is ready provide help at affordable prices!

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Response Essay Topics

Some students experience difficulties when choosing great response essay topics. Typically, the professors provide the topics on their own. However, if you are allowed to choose the topic, we recommend you to pick up something that is interesting to you as it will help you make it interesting to your reader. Check out the list of the response essay topics selected by our creative writers:

  • Can be job satisfaction the key reason for living a happy life?
  • Discuss the risks related to violent video games.
  • Choose the item that is more important to you – a career success or a happy family? Explain your answer.
  • How do you see yourself in 30 years? What are your priorities?
  • What situations can make you sad? What do you do to avoid them?
  • Is it correct to judge others?
  • Do you believe that racism still prevails in contemporary society?
  • Discuss the contemporary terrorist threat. What are its primary causes?
  • Do you think it is possible to overcome corruption in the underdeveloped states?
  • What are the key reasons for academic failures? How to avoid them?
  • How can the student boost his/her academic performance?
  • What are the reasons leading to childhood obesity?


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