GMAT Study Guide: Books That Will Help You Prepare for the Test

The GMAT study guide with a list of books about GMAT will assist you in the process of prepating for the Graduate Management Admssion Test. Read on and find a list of the best GMAT prep books.

If you wonder how to prepare for GMAT, this article is definitely for you as it contains a list of the best books that can be used during the process of the GMAT preparation. The article has detailed reviews of five books, where each of them is considered the best GMAT prep book. Each book review includes a short summary of what it is about, explanation how it can benefit your preparation process, its advantages and disadvantages, and specific ideas and concepts that might prove to be valuable during the preparation for GMAT.

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The Official Guide to the GMAT 2018

This is number one book that offers excellent guidance in the preparational process for GMAT. The book series consists of three separate books that provide detailed information about the test and sample questions for it. The first book is entitled GMAT Review 2018 Guide; the second is named GMAT Quantitativ Review 2018 Guide; and the third is known as GMAT Verbal Review 2018 Guide. Apart from the information, facts, pieces of advice, and strategies on test preparation, you will also find sample questions that will make your preparation process even better and more effective. Upon purchasing g the books, you will get an online access to the question bank that consists of more than 1,500 questions among which more than 200 were extracted from the real exam. The book does not merely have a list of questions but each question is explained properly.

Advantages of the Book:

  • The book provides you with a chance to practice with real interview questions. As such, you will get an idea what the real test looks like;
  • The guide and tips are realistic as they were composed by a person who has taken GMAT;
  • The online question bank has an interface of the real online test, which prepares you for the test-taking. Consequently, the real test will not cause you much stress as you will be acquainted with the interface. Besides, it will be easier for you to navigate through the test;
  • The guide is affordable. On the whole, it is more reasonable to purchase the whole bundle of books with online tests.

Disadvantages of the Book:

  1. You do not have access to full-length practice tests – you can just look thorough the structure and organization of test questions;
  2. You will hardly find any information about the GMAT strategies although you will get a chance to pass realistic sample test questions;
  3. You will not get access to many questions of higher level (for a GMAT score of over 700);
  4. Some explanatins of the questions/ answers may be either too simplistic or confusing.

Reasons for Buying This Book

Even though the book has some evident flaws, it is highly recommended for purchasing since it is one of the best books for getting familiar with realistic test questions. Still, to succeed in the real test, leep in mind that you will have to add up to your knowledge and expericne by performing well in full-length practice tests.

The Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set (Manhattan Prep)

This book provides a logical and comprehensive synopsis of all topics that can be encountered while taking GMAT. This bundle is made up of ten books, the main aim of which is to provide a significant learning impact for learners. In particular, with the help of these GMAT study guide, students can expand their knowledge, improve their skills, and develop their critical and analytical thinking. Each book in the series can be purchased individually or as a whole set. Apart from merely purchasing the books, you can also get a subscription to online practice tests and other web materials. Each book is devoted to the discussion of a specific test. Besides, each test is followed by description and strategies on how to cope with it successfully. Particularly, you will find not merely some general tips on what to do to succeed in the test but you will come across specific strategies and methodologies aimed at better understanding and comprehension of the test. These explanations have an ultimate aim of bettering your overall performance.

Advantages of the Book:

  • You will learn the fundamentals of test taking. You will understand the purpose and the essence of the test from the core;
  • You will get acquainted with specific test-taking techniques that will help you succeed in the test;
  • You will get a chance to deal with separate parts of tests as each book focuses on one of them. As such, you can buy only those guides that will provide you the most supporting information and will help you deal with your weaknesses;
  • You will get an access to PC-adaptive practice tests that bear complete similarity to the test interface.

Disadvantages of the Book:

  1. The book cannot be considered affordable for an average student as it costs more than $100. As an option, you can buy a few books that focus on certain tests and cover specific test-taking techniques;
  2. The test questions may contain errors, so if you aim for a 650+ score, do not merely rely on the book’s explanations;
  3. The book contains typos, which may confuse the readers and prevent them from perceiving trustworthy information;

Reasons for Buying This Book

Most test-takers may derive advantage from this book as they will get a great chance to get familiarized with the test content. If you have sufficient time for GMAT preparation, this can be considered as the best GRE prep book. On the whole, if you think of buying this book (or books), keep in mind that you need to have a lot of time in advance to study the tests properly and prepare for the tests in an adequate way.

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set

This is definitely the best GMAT study guide as it contains a whole of 15 books focusing on different sections of the test, namely the verbal section, the quant section, and the AWA. Moreover, the set contains a test booklet with sample questions, an adaptive practice test, and free practice questions. Each of the books in this set focuses on specific questions and startegies for dealing with specific question types.

Advantages of the Book:

  • Each book in the set contains a package of practice test questions. If you purchase the whole bundle of books, you will get access to even more practice questions and an online guide;
  • The materials related to test preparation are written in a clear form. Each chapter has a full coverage of each topic.

Disadvantages of the Book:

  1. Only one set of online full-length practice test is accessible with this book;
  2. The whole set of books is exensive and not affordable for an average student.

Reasons for Buying This Book

The book will prove useful and beneficial for those who want to gain more practice with test questions and who is worried about the shortage of practice. The book is worth attention if its price does not bother you. It includes a comprehensive explanation of the GMAT format of tests.


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Total GMAT Math

The book provides a detailed and comprehensive synopsis of the quantitative section of GMAT. As it can be inferred from the title, it deals merely with math. You will not find any strategies or verbal questions. Nonetheless, the book consists of detailed tutorials providing detailed explanations of different question types that you may encounter in the process of GMAT test-taking. The book comprises of forty sections that deal with multiple question types. Moreover, you will find more than 300 GMAT practice questions and more than 500 exercices.

Advantages of the Book:

  • You will find more than 300 questions to help you practice in math and deepen your math knowledge;
  • You will find more than 500 exercises aimed to deepen your knowledge in math;
  • The book deals with multiple topics that were spotted during GMAT;
  • Each section of the book is devoted to a specific question type;
  • Each question is followed by concise and brief explanation;
  • The book contains strategy suggestions and diagrams for better understanding of information.

Disadvantages of the Book:

  1. Confusing format since the text is densely printed;
  2.  It is hard to navigate through the book and use it to the greatest benefit without first reading the “How to Use This Book” chapter;
  3. The chapters appear in an illogical sequence and are not clear for general understanding;
  4. The book has no lists or summaries with the highlighted terms and concepts;
  5. The book is rather expensive.

Reasons for Buying the Book

If you want to deepen your knowledge in management and business and if you are particularly interested in the GMAT quantitative part, then this book is definitely for you. It will provide you information on what level of knowledge you need to have in order to be more confident in taking GMAT.

Kaplan’s GMAT Verbal Workbook

This book mainly deals with the verbal section of the GMAT test, so if you particularly interested in this aspect of the test, the book is worth your attention. This book will enable to deepen your knowledge in all particular verbal skills needed for successful taking of GMAT. The book describes all strategies and tactics needed to cope with every section of the test. In particular, you will find practical advice on the sentence completion, reading comprehension, critical reasoning among others. Moreover, the book contains a list of idioms, phrasal verbs, and other vocabulary that will be helpful particularly for non-native speakers of English.

Advantages of the Book:

  • You will get acquainted with realistic tactics on how to deal with each part of the verbal section;
  • You will get a detailed explanation of the difference between GMAT reading and casual reasing. Specifically, the book will offer you practical strategies on how to prepare for GMAT reading;
  • The book will provide advice on how to use startegies for critical reasoning. As such, you will be able to reduce the number of mistakes and approach each question on the test in a systematical way;
  • The book constains a full and comprehensive list of GMAT-style tasks;
  • The book is really cheap and affordable – less than $15.

Disadvantages of the Book:

  1. The section dealing with sentence correction does not provide full and comprehensive information. It is merelt five pages long and has a short grammar section at the back, which is not enough for a non-native English speaker.
  2. The question blanks repeat the ones found in Kaplan Premier Book, so if you have this question, there is no much use from Kaplan GMAT Verbal.
  3. Some questions, especially those belonging to the section dealing with critical reasoning, differ from the style of GMAT. Therefore, it is better to take official practice tests.

Reasons for Buying the Book

The book is worth buying if you need to get acquainted with the fundamentals of the verbal section.

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