Topics Ideas for a Dissertation on Management

If you desperately need assistance with choosing a topic for a management dissertation, take a look at the following list. We are confident you will find an idea you like. A good topic for a dissertation (in this case a management dissertation) is one that gives the writer an excellent starting point for their paper. It is also one that is well balanced, up-to-date, and important to the field of management. A first-rate topic carries a lot of significance since it gives the writer a preliminary basis or focus for their work and it sets the tone for the remainder of the paper. In fact, the research question(s) are defined by the topic, as indeed are the aims and objectives that the dissertation needs to fulfil.

It is the topic one chooses that gives readers a good insight into an entire dissertation document, its main points, and any evidence that is used to support these points. Choosing a topic for a management dissertation can be quite a challenge so, to assist you with the task, offers a list of ideas in this article. The topic ideas below cover all the main areas of management e.g. leadership, organizational behavior, organizational culture, knowledge management, and management information systems (MIS). Under each of the categories, you will find a list of possible topics to write about. It is hoped this will make the process of choosing a topic as hassle-free as possible for you.

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Free Topic Ideas, Which have been Provided - by the Expert Writers

Management Topics Concerning Leadership

One of the things that can significantly impact the performance of a business is its leadership – it is what drives a business’s agenda. Therefore, there are a lot of leadership issues one could write about – as follows:

  • Choose a well-known pest control company and explain how it compares to other businesses of its type. 
  • Using this same pest control company, explain how such a company might show its reliance on in-house leadership if the Board were considering bringing in external personnel to manage the company?
  • How can the incoming CEO of a bank that has seen a reduction in clients and overall performance bring that organization back to a successful position?
  • Consider the position of a successful supermarket chain upon the retirement of the founder. How should that company manage the process of transition to ensure performance is maintained and improved? 
  • How might the leaders of an international airline provider ensure the firm is successful at a time when fuel prices reach a record high?
  • What would the leaders of a wealth management company need to do to lead the company back to good health after a disastrous period?

Management Topics Concerning Organizational Behavior

This aspect of management – organizational behavior - concerns the things an organization needs to do to achieve specific business objectives. The following are some possible topics for this area:

  • What can a bank that has had its reputation dented do to regain its former standing?
  • Choose a well-known supermarket outlet and explain how it can maintain the momentum of one of its popular brands in the USA.
  • What can a relatively new supermarket chain do to bridge the gap between its business and other leading food-sales outlets?
  • Choose a well-known bank and say what it can do to optimize its relationships with a number of new equity stakeholders (e.g. with sovereign wealth funds)?
  • Choose a leading UK bank and say what actions it needs to take to maintain its top position.

Topics Concerning Organizational Culture

The culture that prevails within an organization helps to define that organization and sets out the work culture or ethos for its employees, right up to senior managers. Culture is an important factor within organizations and it is the one that often distinguishes one organization from another. The following are some possible topics on this subject:

  • Choose a popular supermarket outlet and compare its culture to that of its competitors. Say which cultural elements of this outlet are considered stronger than in other organizations.
  • Staying with this supermarket outlet, imagine it moves one of its popular brands to the USA. Is it possible to move its existing organizational culture along with this brand to another country? 
  • Explain how the culture within the supermarket outlet you have chosen compares to other outlets of its type. 
  • Choose a well-known pest control company and say how its senior managers might implement a new culture within that company.
  • Using the same pest control company, explain how its existing culture might change or be impacted with the introduction of new leadership.
  • Continuing to look at pest control companies, say how the culture might differ within these types of businesses.
  • Choose a bank that has experienced a bad run, including a dip in share prices, and say how much the culture within this bank is likely to have changed as a result of its experiences.
  • Choose, for example, two large mobile phone retailers with different corporate cultures and explain what areas of these businesses could possibly cause conflict.

Topics Related to Knowledge Management in Business

In almost every sector, knowledge management plays a vital role, not least because it helps define a work force’s potential and it has the ability to distinguish one organization from another. The following are some topics for a dissertation on knowledge management:

  • Choose a well-known UK bank and say how it can use the existing knowledge management system from another bank it has merged with in an advantageous way.
  • Choose two mobile phone retailers and describe how knowledge management is handled in both companies for the benefit of its joint European venture.
  • Choose a well-known supermarket outlet and say which areas of its business it can best use knowledge management.
  • Using the same supermarket outlet, show how its knowledge management system compares with other businesses of its type.
  • What scope is there for sharing knowledge for those companies that participate in the Nectar scheme?
  • Choose a well-known supermarket outlet and explain what areas of that business is knowledge management most likely to have the biggest impact in terms of performance.


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Topics Related to MIS (Management Information Systems)

Most organizations acknowledge that management information systems exist, but they do not always know how to use these for the benefit of their businesses. The following are some topics you could use in a dissertation on management or at least discuss with your course supervisor:

  • In what areas of its business might an airline company make further use of an MIS?
  • How could an established bank use MIS to manage its integration with another financial institution and grow its customer base?
  • If a leading supermarket outlet were to develop a first-class MIS, what would the requirements be?
  • Again, using the example of a well-known supermarket outlet, how might such a business make optimum use of an MIS to retain its customer base?
  • For what business processes could a supermarket outlet make most use of an MIS?
  • In a pest control company, what parts of the business might have the most need for an MIS?
  • In what way can companies that offer financial services build and use management information systems to give them a competitive edge in their industry?