Topics for an Engineering Dissertation

Get some great topic ideas for a dissertation on Engineering from to help you advance your academic career to the next level.

A dissertation is usually a systematic and comprehensively written document that explains and summarizes a piece of research work that has been completed by a student. Almost without exception, dissertations are expected to be written on a fresh topic and to provide fresh concepts, fresh ideas, and a new take on the chosen topic. This is a paper that should lead to new or further areas for innovative development and research. The primary focus needs to be centered on the topic idea the research is based on in order to end up with a successful dissertation that has a strong underlying concept.

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Hence, it is vital for engineering students to select innovative topics upon which to base their academic work. Your chosen topic should be sufficiently strong to ensure you obtain the best possible grades. At, we help students to write dissertations that are concise, highly focused and, simultaneously, easy for readers to understand. Another thing that is important to bear in mind is the need to provide reliable evidence to support any research work that has been done. An organized way to do this is the use of tables e.g. tables showing the different research methodologies that have been used, etc.

However, when it comes to writing an Engineering dissertation, the most difficult aspect is often choosing a suitable topic. However, there is no need for students to unduly worry since this guide is designed to help you choose a good topic from a comprehensive list of possibilities. The dissertation writing service offered by is one of the best in the UK and the topics provided here are both impressive and relevant. Essentially, our aim is to take away your initial worries by giving you a great starting point.

The Most Creative Topics for an Engineering 

The topic ideas put forward in this guide are focused on the areas of computer-based engineering science, civil engineering, electrical engineering, communications and electronics engineering, environmental-related engineering, sensor technology engineering, and supply chain management/engineering:

Communications and Electronics Engineering

  • Describe how high-speed communication circuits are designed to effectively reduce noise.
  • Based on an analysis of Gaussian pulse, explain how this pulse could be improved with a view to reducing error.
  • After studying the different types of error, explain how an equalization technique could reduce instances of error in data and say how this technique could be developed.

Computer-Based Engineering/Science

  • Develop a system for measuring electronic waste.
  • Draft a research plan for the identification and reduction of e-waste.
  • In what way can learning institutions/organizations influence the design and development of IS (information systems)?

Civil Engineering

  • Using research, develop a remote sensing application that could be used to develop sustainable enterprises.
  • Use research to examine and study how organizational development and growth could be impacted by concepts concerned with sustainability. 
  • Explain how sources of renewable energy could be used to develop sustainable housing.

Electrical Engineering

  • Describe how real-time data may be accessed by integrating wireless networks with smart metering pulsed outputs.
  • Explain how a control system might be set up to monitor the processing activities in compressors.


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Environmental-Related Engineering

  • Design a project that establishes methods for measuring the flow of natural gas ultrasonically and identifies areas of waste.
  • Describe ways of reducing and making gas usage more efficient so that kWh use is reduced.
  • Design and develop a system to measure the carbon footprint of a company that uses a lot of energy.

Sensor Technology Engineering

  • Describe how glucose biosensors can be developed with the use of nanotechnology.
  • Explain how micro sensors could be developed to measure the rate of flow in oil tanks.

Supply Chain Management/Engineering

  • Using research, describe how the logistics operations in a supply chain could be made more efficient.
  • How do the concepts of supply chain and globalization support one another?
  • What can organizations do to reduce supply chain bottlenecks in order to be successful?
  • Other Topics Related to Engineering and Management
  • Use research to explain how engineering projects are managed and outline the different risks associated with these projects.
  • Explain how a supply chain can be managed efficiently to make sure vital motivational skills are developed within a workforce.
  • Describe the steps required to manage change smoothly so that business processes are improved.