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Literature Review

Composing the literature review chapter of a dissertation can be one of the most frustrating exercises a graduate student incurs Once the topic of study has been chosen and narrowed sufficiently, the student must then wade through literally thousands of pieces of research writing that is related to this field of study, in order to determine what others have found and if, indeed, the pieces of literature appropriately relate to the proposed study.  Once the appropriate literature is found, moreover, the student must analyze each piece, summarizing it and comparing it to other pieces of literature.  Many give up at this point, determining that they simply do not have the organizational ability or the time to complete this tedious task.

Dissertation help at can solve this problem for you.  Given your specific area of study, we will conduct the literature review for you, using the latest software available to find all related research, analyze this research, prioritize it, index it, and cross-reference it in academically sound ways.  In short, we will conduct all of the research required to provide the information necessary for you to move forward with your dissertation.

When our professionals complete a literature review, they use every trusted source, to include books, scholarly journals, other dissertations, and papers presented at relevant conferences.  The latest software for this purpose is used, so that no “stone” is left “unturned” in finding the best research relevant to your study.  We provide you the complete introduction chapter, and all research cited will be described in full, summarized, and critically evaluated.

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