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Research proposal

Writing a research proposal can be a difficult task for even the most advanced and intelligent student.  Usually, the difficulty lies in the following:  the student has skills and content knowledge in a specific area of study and has determined the research problem to address, but, the necessity of writing the actual proposal in succinct terms overwhelms him or her.  It is common for students to seek assistance in the construction of the proposal in order to produce a clear paper that contains all the critical features required.

We have a staff of graduate level writers, in virtually every subject area, who have years of experience in research proposal writing at both the master’s and doctorate levels.  They are able to produce proposals which clearly define the problem addressed and the research methods the student will use to address the problem.

Any research proposal must include the following features:

  1. A clear and informative title which encapsulates the project
  2. Logical and focused research questions
  3. Clear definition of the idea and/or problem
  4. Identification of the methods of research used to address the problem
  5. Identification of the methods by which the research will be measured and evaluated
  6. A plan for analysis of the research results
  7. A timetable that is reasonable and realistic
  8. An overall research design

While our professional writers can produce a research proposal on very short notice, we prefer that you plan enough in advance to give us a sufficient amount of time to do your proposal.  When you plan ahead, the price will be more reasonable.  As a rule, the price will vary depending upon the urgency, difficulty and scope of the research.

Our writers are all Ph.D. level academicians with vast experience in the production of all phases of theses and dissertations, from the proposal through the very last chapter.  A writer who will be assigned to you comes from your field of study, so he is completely familiar with the content of your proposed research.  You will have direct communication with your writer throughout the process of proposal development and will have opportunity to ask for revisions at any time.  In addition, our customer service support team will be available 24/7 to address any questions, concerns, or issues you may have.

Contact us today so that we may assign the perfect writer to complete your research proposal.  You will be thrilled with the results!