Topic Ideas for a Dissertation on Education

Would you like to know what topics are currently trending for dissertations on education – i.e. for every level of education? If so, is the best place to get hold of the best and latest topics and to get great ideas for preparing papers to match your proficiency level. Our expert dissertation writers will tell you that the field of education is a very large one and there are specific guidelines for every level of education.
A dissertation on any subject is a type of research paper that is designed to assess a student’s proficiency levels – in this case, we are referring to education students. Should you manage to choose the right topic for your education dissertation, you are more likely to get the attention you require from your reviewer. A good topic is also a great help when it comes to building a solid premise on which to conduct a thorough research for a dissertation project.

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Choosing Education Topics and Getting Ideas for a Dissertation

The field of education can be roughly classified into a number of well-defined levels, e.g., pre-school, primary school, secondary school, college, and/or university levels. Some students are taught at home, which is also referred to as home learning/tutoring, and others look to obtain a holistic form of education.
The topics listed in this guide are grouped by level and cover the different aspects or areas of education. Whatever idea you choose to base your education dissertation on should not be too intense if it is for primary education level or too broad or vague if it is for university level. So, we advise you to look for some samples and/or examples as well as ideas and topics if or when you want to see what an expertly-written dissertation should look like. Above all, do not get unduly worried when you have an important paper to write and the deadline is approaching because is here to help.

Topics for a Dissertation on Primary Level Education

When we are asked to help primary level students with a dissertation, our greatest challenge is to create a plan that provides the student with some basic subject knowledge and to try and encourage them to learn about the subject themselves, at least to some extent. The following are some possible topics that a student might write about for primary level education:

  • Evaluate how effective Montessori schools are and how well these help prepare students for the next level – i.e. for primary school.
  • How efficient is primary level education for students who have had pre-school education.
  • How important are tests in primary level education?
  • Is a test environment at primary level better than a test-free environment for instilling virtues in students? 
  • How does subject variety contribute to garnering the interest of primary level students?
  • Are primary schools the right place for exploring talent – how essential is it to teach primary students the basics?
  • What are the challenges that primary teachers face when preparing students for more information-intensive environments?

Topics for a Dissertation on College Level Education

Writing dissertations is considered an important – or the most important – tasks that college students are required to undertake. Therefore, the education dissertations and theses that students write are projects where they explore and explain the various aspects of college level education and how these environments can be improved to produce productive individuals who are capable of carving out great careers. Our writers suggest the following topics for dissertations on college education:

  • How education can be used to help students become confident and develop their personalities.
  • How important are vocational programs in terms of developing individuals?
  • How important is the support of parents and what amount of infrastructure is required to create an effective college learning environment?
  • In many societies, educational institutions are segregated according to economics. Is it right that wealth should take precedence over talent?
  • To what extent does gender bias exist in education and why are females reluctant to enter certain fields of learning?
  • How important is it to teach religion in colleges? Does this make people more tolerant towards different societies and races?
  • Is there any benefit in the idea that education should promote research or should students only be encouraged to use this as a way of earning a living? Base your answer on a critical evaluation.

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Topics for a Dissertation on University Level Education

Most students who opt to go to university are entirely focused on becoming specialists in a field that interests them. Hence, by writing a dissertation and various other papers, the student tries to understand how he or she might be able to contribute in some way to a given field. Here are some good topic options for a dissertation on university level education:

  • Are people who have been educated to university level guaranteed higher positions in the fields or organizations they work for?
  • Are the high tuition costs of medical training causing a shortage of specialists in the medical field?
  • Why do many students shun research skills in favor of acquiring higher-earning skills?
  • Which is more important – education or workplace experience?
  • How courses on business management should promote entrepreneurship.

There is an unending list of possible topics for dissertations on education. In the event you think you have chosen the best possible topic but are not confident about writing a dissertation (i.e. you do not know how) for this field, it is essential you consider getting assistance from a professional writing service so that you are never left floundering with such a task.
Every dissertation – including those on education – must adhere to a correct structure. Usually, this comprises of an abstract chapter, background information, a literature review, a chapter on research methodology, a chapter on results or findings, a references section, and appendices (where relevant or appropriate). The choice of topic helps to define the structure of a dissertation, which is normally stipulated by a college or university.

  • Abstract: The experts at who specialize in dissertation writing are true professionals when it comes to writing abstracts. You only need to tell us about your topic and you will soon receive a perfectly written abstract.  
  • Background Information: Our experts recommend that you should fully explore your topic’s background with a critical lens. You need to explain the research that has already been done, what the limitations of this are, and what future research work could or should be done. 
  • Literature Review: The writers at who specialize in literature reviews will explain or show you how to examine sources to collect information for your research. Essentially, you will need to establish how your topic has previously been investigated and written about by other scholars.
  • Methodology (for research): Our expert helpers will suggest you select a suitable method for researching your topic. The right methodology will ensure you explore every angle in great detail and that your chosen method is geared towards getting the results you expect.  
  • Results or Findings: Our experts will advise you on how to present your findings in tabular form and show you how to write this section in a lucid manner so that it is relevant and readable. 
  • References Section: Here, our writers will recommend you clearly mention any sources you used in your dissertation. 
  • Appendices: If these are required, you should use pictures, tables, graphs, or any other supporting materials that are relevant. Appendices are used to improve the flow and readability of a large paper.

If you need help writing an education dissertation, just contact Our writing company has done a lot of pioneering work in the field of dissertation writing and we have wide-ranging expertise in virtually every field of study, and this includes education. Therefore, in the event you need assistance with any aspect - from generating ideas, choosing topics, or acquiring examples to the actual writing itself - you can order online from us to overcome any challenges you are experiencing.


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Topic Ideas For a Dissertation on Education PDF

Undoubtedly, there are many possible dissertation topics in education, however, not all of them are effective in creating high-quality essays. If you are searching for the stellar possible dissertation topics in education, look through the list below and choose the one that seems the most attractive!

  1. Do you agree that the children, schooled at home will find it more difficult to face social challenges? Explain your answer.
  2. Do you opine that religious education promotes tolerance and understanding between students? Why?
  3. How would you evaluate the security system in public schools? Provide examples.
  4. Do you agree that colleges need to promote more entrepreneurial studies, as well as adjust their level of encouragement for subjects like literature and art?
  5. Explain the tendency of moving toward homeschooling rather than conventional methods adopted by many developed countries?
  6. Should teachers get more incentives for their role in societal development?
  7. How religious schools provide their students with sufficient coursework equipping them with the efficient skills for the corporate world?
  8. Do you agree that parents should be responsible for deviant behavior of their children or should we blame teachers?
  9. Evaluate the pros and cons of government-funded education courses.
  10. How do you suggest to solve the problem of the lack of access to high education in vulnerable groups of people?
  11. Is the gender separation within schools an effective method of education?
  12. How do different behavioral patterns influence the methods of education?
  13. Evaluate the contribution of Montessori schools to modern education?
  14. Do you agree that contemporary teachers are less dedicated to their job comparing to the previous generations?
  15. What is your position regarding the education of elderly people?
  16. Some students prefer not to go through the preschool stage before attending primary. Do you think it is right?
  17. How many foreign languages should children learn? Explain your rationale.

We do hope that our possible dissertation topics in education will provide you with writing aspiration and interesting ideas for developing your paper. Good luck!

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