ISEE Lower Level Essay Topics: Be Ready for a Challenge!

In this ISEE Test section, you will get a prompt and a set of requirements for writing a short essay. You cannot predict which prompt will be chosen for you as the selection is done at random depending on the date of the taken test. The prompts contain some ISEE lower level essay topics, which appeal to the students’ interests at a certain grade level. Each of the topics gives a chance for the students to introduce themselves individually telling a story about their personalities. This section of the test allows the students to express their ideas and present themselves to the committee of the schools they are applying to.

It is allowed to take notes while working on the ISEE Test, and each student gets a sheet of paper for this. According to the requirements, the scope of writing is limited to two pre-lined pages and the writing should be done in ink. It is permitted to use erasable ink. Note that it is necessary to have the prompt rewritten on the first page, right at the top. The time allowed for writing an ISEE essay is 30 minutes. You should practice a lot to be able to cope with everything, including organizing the ideas, composing an outline, and working on the final variant of the essay, during this time. No matter which ISEE lower level essay topics are chosen, the requirement is to use either cursive or print for writing directly on the distributed pre-lined papers in a black or blue ink with ballpoint pen.

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Guidelines for ISEE Essay Practice

First of all, make sure that you have read the prompt for the essay carefully. We recommend you not to be in a hurry. Even if you feel tempted to finalize writing using only half of your time, you should not rush. Good time management is obligatory, but it is wrong to complete the task as soon as possible. Look through the prompt several times, as you have to start answering only after you have understood all the instructions. It will be a complete failure if you compose the whole text on a wrong topic.

Get acquainted with the examples of the previous ISEE tasks, as you have to learn about the expectations of the graders before you start writing. Besides, you will get to know which common mistakes you can avoid.

Reading sample prompts, try practicing. It is hardly ever possible to get the same topic during the test, but your work on similar ones will be beneficial for you. If you are good at following the required format of papers on ISEE lower level essay topics, you will be able to use the needed writing style easily and your actual writing process will be much smoother.

Mind the time. Practice using the timer as you will have to try the actual testing conditions. You have to get accustomed to the pressure of the test and the time constraints you will face.

Do you know what your essay will be about? Are you afraid that you will be asked about complicated physics? Should you remember all the dates from ancient history? Definitely, no! The topics for such essays are never complicated. In fact, they will always be related to your personal experience and evidence from your life to illustrate some general concepts. Have a look at the sample topics:

Lower Level

  • Tell about your perfect holiday with all the details (setting, activities, etc.).
  • Explain how you would like to improve the surrounding and turn the world into a better place to live.
  • Choose your favorite member of the family and explain your choice.
  • Where would you go for a flawless vacation?

Middle Level

  • Suggest one major improvement you would like to do at school. Explain which benefits it would have for the students.
  • Which career do you believe is the best for you?
  • Which of the global problems you would like to try solving and why?
  • Have you had any experience that provided you with inspiration?
  • Which super power would you choose if you could have any? Why?


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Upper Level

  • Which of the books you have ever read impacted you the most and why?
  • If you had to do thirty hours of community service for graduation, which type of the service would you prefer? Why?
  • Explain your view of a successful person. Name the qualities needed for being successful.
  • Who is the person you admire? Why?

Do you still feel anxious about writing? Have you completed an outline? If you have, you can start writing. Make sure that every paragraph of your essay contains four or five sentences, while the introductory and final paragraphs can have one or two sentences. Thus, you will have half an hour to write about twenty sentences. Focus on the quality content and do not overload your text. Make sure all the points are precise and clear.

You will not have any problems with ISEE essays of any level if you learn to manage your time and construct effective texts.

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