Our Company's Affiliate Program for Paper Writing

Some facts still remain the same: our company holds the leading position in the industry of custom writing services. Our custom writing service has managed to stay on top not only due to the premium-quality papers it can offer to clients but also due to the affiliate program for paper writing that helps customers to earn money. Our clientele base is growing more and more every day and so we want to express gratitude to each and every customer who prefers us to dozens of other companies. When students cooperate with our service, they can get a guarantee that they will not live on a shoestring after they buy from us. From now on, with the help of our affiliate program, clients can economize not only on time and efforts but also on money. If you actively participate in our affiliate program, you will not have to spend your own money on essays, research papers, and other types of writing. Check out the benefits of our program and try it for yourself. 

In case you are pondering on the thought of beginning mutual work with GreatDissertation.com, you need to be aware of the following information. First of all, you will have the responsibility to spread information about our company to other people. You should definitely identify the target audience: these are mainly students who are interested in custom writing services. So, feel free to share information about our company to your peers, class mates, and friends. 

How the Affiliate Program Works:

  • You need to have your personal profile on our website. As such, once you have registered, you will have your own login and password that you will use for different operations. So, open your cabinet and look through the “Affiliate Program” chapter.
  • Take a look at such information as an individual promo code, “My friends’ emails”*, and the link to our company’s affiliate program section.
  • Copy the abovementioned referral link and forward it to your peers or friends.
  • The unique promotional code sent to email will be provided to each person you have sent the email to. Once the link is used, the person will be added to the database of the company.
  • When the promo code is inserted, the discount will be given automatically.

*In the email form, insert the email address of each person whom you want to send the information about the company. The email will include details concerning what kind of company it is, how it functions, and what services it provides. 

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What We Offer

10% bonus for you, which you could later spend on paying for academic papers. The bonus is given when a person places his/ her order with us after you have recommended our services.
17% of a discount is provided to the person whom you have recommended our company and who has thus placed his/ her first order. 
Once you start cooperating with us, you will definitely ease your academic burdens and will be able to save money.

Benefits of GreatDissertation.com Affiliate Program

  • You will receive bonuses every time you send recommendations about our company to your friends.
  • You will be able to collect the bonuses and accumulate them in your personal account.
  • You will use the bonuses for paying for your ordered papers.
  • You will have an opportunity to choose: whether to pay partially with bonuses and partially with money or to accumulate more bonuses and use them all to pay for a custom paper.
  • The bonus earnings are totally yours, so you can even withdraw them in the form of money transfer or via PayPal operations.

Once you start cooperating with us, you will definitely ease your academic burdens and will be able to save money.