Additional Services

Even More Benefits from – Additional Services

Progressive Delivery offers an especially useful service, which is known in our industry as progressive delivery. This is an ideal solution for customers with larger orders and those that are in some way complex, e.g., papers that are 10+ or 20+ pages long and typed (respectively) using single or double line spacing.    

How this method can be beneficial for customers:

  • Makes projects more manageable and enables customers to track the progress of their work more easily. This is because orders are delivered in parts upon completion, which gives the customer enough time to check them, ask for adjustments, or approve them before turning them in for evaluation.     
  • Customers get a bigger window – 30 days – to ask to have their papers adjusted/amended free-of-charge. Although we offer free revisions to all customers, these are only offered for up to 2 days under our standard terms.   
  • An assurance that your papers will be written by highly qualified writers and meticulously checked for possible errors by expert editors.
  • A professional overseer or manager is assigned to each new order. Their remit is to ensure your instructions are followed, your paper completed satisfactorily, and that you and our writer have the facilities to communicate with each other effectively for the duration of the writing process.   

The order delivery process *: 

  • and the customer settle on a 4 days deadline (or a lesser amount of time); First completed draft – amounting to 25% of order – sent to customer after 50% of lapsed deadline time. Hence, customer receives 5 pages after 1 day where order size = 20 pages and deadline = 2 days.
  • and the customer settle a 5-11 days deadline: First and second completed drafts – amounting respectively to 25% and 50% of order – sent to customer after 25% and 50% of lapsed deadline time.
  • Customer and settle a 12 or 12+ days’ deadline: First, second, and third completed drafts – amounting respectively to 25%, 50%, and 75% of order – sent to customer after 25%, 50%, and 75% of lapsed deadline time. 

Service fee = +15% (only). Add this to the price of a regular order to gain the benefits of this service. 

* understands that this method might not suit the preferences and/or needs of every customer. Hence, if you want to explore alternative ways of receiving your assignment, please contact your order coordinator to discuss the options. This person will undoubtedly work with you to devise a solution that works well for you.   

Additional Services for Orders of Less than 20 Pages i.e. Short Orders 

Extended Revision

Every individual who chooses our professional writing service has the option of having their papers amended at no additional cost for a period of 48 hours following order delivery.’s customers can request to have this time extended to generous 14 days by choosing our company’s “extended revision” option!  


A summary from enables you to get a longer text summarized onto a single page (i.e. 1-page displaying the most critical points and/or information). Any customers who are engaged on projects with reporting requirements should benefit from this option. 


Customers of can obtain either a one-page draft of 300 words (based on double line spacing) or a one-page draft of 600 words (based on single line spacing). These 1-page drafts are provided when the deadline clock gets halfway (to 50% of the allowed time). For example, if the deadline you set = 4 days, the delivery time for a draft = 2 days.