Google Essays

Google Essays

Nowadays, one cannot imagine their life without Google as this search engine provides people with the answers to multiple questions. The word “Google” derives from the word “Googol,” which is a math value that is represented by 1 that is followed by a hundred zeros. Nowadays, Google is the most popular search engine, which allows people to obtain the necessary information in a couple of seconds. No wonder that teachers often ask students to write Google essays exploring different topics related to Google. If you follow a traditional structure, your essay will need to include an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Although writing Google essays is not very difficult, you will need to apply your best writing skills, as well as a high level of creativity to handle such an essay successfully.

FAQ on Google Essays

What does the word “Google” mean?

The term “Google” derives from the mathematical value, which means one followed by hundred zeros. It is a popular search software that includes 8 billion webpages in 149 languages;

Who founded the Google corporation?

This company was established by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a part of their Ph.D. project at Stanford University;

Who are the main Google’s rivals?

Microsoft, Yahoo, and MSN are the main Google`s competitors.

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Google Essay Sample

Google is a multinational company private company with Larry Page and Sergey Brin being the cofounders. Page and Brin own approximately 16 percent of its shares. Google specializes in the provision of services and products related to the Internet such as online advertisement technologies, search, cloud computing, and online software such as Gmail and Google+ as a social networking application. The company has created the Android operating system for mobiles and the Chrome. Besides the several companies Google has procured, the corporation has affiliated with other organizations that deal with researching, advertising, and other undertakings.

Since Google Inc. is such a huge establishment; it has several stakeholders. This includes the users, investors, employees, developers and advertisers. Google has many users approximately way above a billion. This is because Google has various products that presently are essential for practically all their users.As it is with the case of all other investors, Google also has the expectation that their companies should perform well in realizing good profits.Reports say the increase in Google's performance was the due to improved support for the employees, therefore, they are the key stakeholder in Google.Google has performed a great deal for its developers and vice versa. Google product,AdWord and it is the main source of income. Google has over 1 million advertisers.

Google has its rights and responsibilities to perform to the government and vice versa. The Google Code of Conduct to the government is made about the acknowledgement that all they do is in respect with their toil at Google and it should be valued against the utmost probable standards of ethics in the business conduct. Google has indulged in some ethical issues that are recommendable.