Writing a Criticism Essay Example Is Not a Problem Anymore!

Writing a Criticism Essay Example Is Not a Problem Anymore!

What Is a Critical Essay?

According to a common critical essay definition, it is an academic paper that aims to interpret, analyze, and evaluate a specific literary work or media form. Typically, such a paper is written when it is necessary to analyze a book, an article, or a motion picture. The main purpose of a critical essay is to enable the student to showcase his or her writing and analytical skills, as well as the ability to interpret the messages sent by other authors. When writing a criticism essay example, one should be able to state his or her own position regarding the medium being analyzed, as well as justify it with solid arguments. However, you should not be confused by the word “critical.” It does not mean that your analysis should have a negative perspective. On the contrary, when writing a critical essay, one should be maximally unbiased and objective.

Types of Critical Essays

There are several different types of critical essays that may be assigned to you in a college or university:

  • Biographical critical essays;
  • Sociological critical essays;
  • Gender critical essays;
  • Mythological critical essays;
  • New historicism critical essays;
  • Reader-response critical essays.

No matter what type you need to write, we highly recommend you begin your work by writing an outline. An outline is a great organizational instrument that enables the writer to keep all the ideas in the logical order. Let`s have a closer look at an outline of a standard critical essay:


In your introduction, you need to present the work you are working with, as well as its author. Besides, you may need to provide your reader with some background information to familiarize your reader with the main points you are going to analyze. Try to make your introduction maximally catchy and engaging.

Main body

In the main body of your essay, you need to pick up several aspects that worth attention and analyze them from different perspectives. For instance, you may want to write about the plot, characters, and conflict. In such a way, you will need to divide your essay into three paragraphs and use smooth transitions when moving from one paragraph to another;


In a conclusion, you should not include new arguments and evidence focusing on the ones that were discussed previously. The main goal of your conclusion is just to wrap up your analysis.

The outline provided above can be customized and used for any topic. You should understand that by developing your ideas in the right order, you will be able to create a detailed and coherent criticism essay example that will bring you the anticipated outcome.

Writing a Critical Essay: Handy Tips

Of course, every student has his or her own secrets for writing a good critical essay. Below, you will find a couple of efficient suggestions collected by the skilled writers that will help you create an outstanding paper:

  • Follow your requirements. Although a critical essay should follow the classic standards accepted in academic writing, you also need to follow the professor`s suggestions precisely. Make sure to study your prompt an understand what exactly is required from you;
  • Choose a good book/article/movie if you have a freedom of choice. If your tutor has allowed you to select the medium to work with, make sure to pick up the source that fits your interests because, in such a way, you will receive maximum satisfaction from the writing process;
  • Look for well-written criticism essay samples. No, we do not recommend you copy-paste from these papers. However, using them as your samples, you will be able to understand how a critical essay should be written;
  • Brainstorm your ideas. A smart student will never start writing an essay without brainstorming. This process will enable you to figure out the ideas you are going to cover in your essay;
  • Pay attention to the correct formatting of your paper. Along with the great content and structure, proper formatting is also an important part of the grading rubric, which should be considered if you are willing to get a good grade for your paper;
  • Do not forget to proofread your essay. Of course, your tutor will evaluate your essay mainly for its content. However, if you want to receive an A or A+, you should make sure that your text is absolutely free from mechanical flaws compromising its quality.

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Free "The Hawthorne Studies – Analysis and Criticism" Sample Essay to Read

The Hawthorne studies were a series of experiments that were conducted at the Hawthorne Works between 1924 – 1932, a factory that was engaged in Western Electric Works. This was a scientific and social experiment in which the researchers were determined to find out the level of productivity by the workers in the factory under varied levels of light, by a minute increase in the illumination.

Two test women were chosen to choose a set of four different workers and work in separate room for a term of five years, their task was to assemble telephone relays. Their were many variables that were subjected to both the set of workers to deduce what affected the productivity level, as in how many telephone relays were dropped down a chute. Some of variables included pay change, giving  5 minute break intervals, providing with snacks during the break, varying the that duration of the work.

 Vannevar Bush who was an electrical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that phase of the study was under taken that we now know as the Illumination Experiments. The objective was to find the level of illumination that made the work of female coil winders, relay assemblers and small parts inspectors more proficient.

The workers were divided in groups, level of lighting increased from to 46 to 70 foot-candles. And as expect the production of the test group increased.

Usually changing a variable led to increase in productivity even after the inconsistent was changed back to its original point. How so you ask? This was due to the simple laws of Human Nature, researchers stated this kind of nature was observed in the workers due to the fact that people tend to work harder and produce better results when they now they are being scrutinized under a watchful eye. In addition to this, the workers that were chosen by the two women under special selection felt ‘special’ over others therefore had a desire to perform better than before. Moreover, interviewing the workers asking them various questions about their supervisors, the practices showed that communicating with them telling them their comments are meaningful for their factory boosted the production level. Knowing that their point of view is being valued made the workers more committed towards their work and showed more loyalty to the company itself. 

The experimental effects and the social effects discussed above were just one aspect of the study that was conducted on the workers. There is another important facet to this, the researcher called some Anthropologists from Harvard – Professor Elton Mayo who not only oberserved the physical, environmental influences but also the psychological effects that led to an increase in the employee productivity. These influences can be applied and deduced to be effective in the modern times as well, be it the brightness of lights in the assembling area or working hour variation. All of these variables can be used in Hospitals, Teaching Organizations, on Train stations as well as in Small and Large Eating Lounges.

Professor Elton Mayo next performed the Bank Wiring Room Experiment where Elton Mayo and W.Lloyd Warner were determined to find out how payment would affect the productivity. There were surprised and let down to see that the results had decreased as opposed to their expectations of an increase. What happened was the workers were now having second thoughts about all the practices being applied. They thought that boosting the productivity level was an alibi to fire some of the workers later on. This study was carried on a group of fourteen men, who were responsible to put together the telephone switching equipment, the authorities made sure that each of the workers was paid accordingly on the basis of individual performance but this eventually led to a decrease in the over all employee productivity. When the researchers monitored this matter, they found that the workers within that set of fourteen men had formed groups, meaning like Cliques at a local high school. These cliques were together to save their job as well as their group members. They did by so making sure that each f the group member gave the replies to the questions asked by the researchers, even if none of it was true! All the group members were assed to show this composite similar behavior and that incentives were nothing to them in front of their social or peer groups.

This is a very significant point that needs to be enlightened even in the modern era, whether one is running a huge factory or a small sandwich shop, this concept of social groups is natural and inevitable. One will find a peer keeping each other backs everywhere and this is something that the authorities needs to understand and respect if they want their set-up to run smoothly and if they desire their employee loyalty. Mayo believed that the results of the studies involving the women led to the matter of pride and satisfaction of working under a special unit. One can apply the same phenomena in a modern technology, making sure your employees have that certain pride over themselves eventually leads to better results and happier, more loyal workers.  

One extremely important factor that was discovered during the Hawthorne Experiments was that workers have strong needs to communicate with fellow workers and the authorities as well. The classical motivation approached suggested by Frederick W. Taylor’s Scientific Management theory was not the reason behind the workers better performance. This was better analyzed by Taylor’s Theory that defined the motivation of the workers solely by self-interest. Management theorists assumed that workers desired to execute their work with a least amount of effort and to obtain more money. This study led Mayo to write a book where he wrapped up saying that if you show people your concern towards their point of view, their comments and show them appreciation you can encourage them to show enhanced presentations. Hawthorne Effect has also been called the 'Somebody Upstairs Cares' syndrome, where people spend a large portion of their time at work; they entail a sense of belonging to motivate them to perform better.

The Hawthorne studies were subjected to much criticism as well by many such as H. McIlvaine Parsons, Dr. Richard Nisbett, Harry Braverman and economists John List and Steven Levitt. Nisbett a psychology professor at the University of Michigan even went out of the line to quote that this entire study was simply an anecdote and holds no significance none what so ever.

Braverman argues that the study was simply based on behaviorist psychology and was not a system of bureaucratic prim and proper organization, nor a system of informal group relations, as in the elucidation of Mayo and his followers but rather a system of power, of class antagonisms.

Adair in the year 1984 insisted on the point that manipulation checks are very important such social studies an obvious lagging in the Hawthorne Studies. He said it is very important for such an experiment to show the individual interpretation which was not shown in this study.

Economists John List and Steven Levitt assert that in the illumination experiments the variance in output is partly accounted for by other aspect such as the weekly cycle of work or the recurring temperature, and so the original conclusions are overstated.