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When a student spends hours in the construction of an academic paper, thesis, or dissertation, he or she is so engrossed in the substance of the work that composition errors can easily be overlooked.  For this reason, it is crucial that a third, objective party provide a critical eye to proofread your work.

At, we employ trained and graduate level professionals to provide comprehensive proofreading services for all types of academic papers – essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations.  These professionals are experts in specific academic content areas as well as in English composition and grammar.  Once you order our proofreading services, we will assign a professional whose academic background is in your content area, to ensure complete knowledge of both subject matter and correct grammar, construction, transitions, spelling and punctuation. 

Proofreading is an intense activity which can be tedious, and which requires professionals who have the ability to pay strict attention to detail.  It is easy to overlook errors when one is anticipating correctness, and this is why errors are often overlooked.  Our professionals are trained specifically in proofreading skills, so that they can spend hours providing accurate analysis of all phases of composition, usage and mechanics.  We have perfected a system that ensures flawless proofreading.  The professional assigned to proofread your work will scour it from beginning to end, finding and correcting every flaw.  You can be confident knowing that this professional has proofread hundreds of academic works in your area and has a long history of impeccable work. 

Our proofreading services will provide the following:


  • Any errors in sentence structure (fragments and run-on sentences) will be found and corrected.
  • Any improper subordination or coordination of phrases, as well as non-parallel structures will be re-written


  • All errors in subject/verb and pronoun/antecedent will be corrected
  • Verb tense errors will be found and fixed
  • Awkward word choice and phrasing will be changed and refined


  • Spelling errors will be corrected
  • Mistakes in punctuation will be caught and fixed

Don’t miss the opportunity to submit the perfect work.  Contact us at today!