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Thesis proposal

During the last semester of your work toward your Master’s degree, you will be working on your thesis, the culminating project of your graduate study.  Before you begin the thesis itself, you must submit a proposal to your primary advisor for approval.  This proposal must be impeccably written if you are to receive the go-ahead, and it must contain very specific facets.

You must provide a specific research question, a general synopsis of existing research on the question, and how you intend to contribute to it either by conducting your own research or providing new and/or unique insight into existing research.

Each institution has its own requirements and specifications regarding thesis proposals, and it is critical that you meet these conditions.  A research proposal can range from 10-15 pages, depending upon requirements, and you must be certain that you follow the guidelines precisely.

Many students struggle with the construction of an effective thesis proposal, not because they lack content expertise, but because they have never produced such a work before.  Here is where we come in.  At, our professional graduate level writers have years of experience in writing all types of academic works, from proposals to finished products.  One of our experts can assist you with your proposal and produce a perfect piece that is guaranteed to be approved by your advisor.

Once you order your thesis proposal from us, and provide the requirements and specifications of your institution, a writer in your content area will be assigned.  This writer can develop a research question for you, should you not have one yet, or take your question and develop the proposal from it.  Throughout the process, you will have direct communication with your writer, so that you are comfortable with both the process and the final product.  In addition to communication with your writer, we provide a 24/7 customer service support team to respond to any issues, concerns or questions you may have.

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Trust your proposal writing to us.  Then, sit back, relax, and allow our experts to do the work.